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Community Physiotherapy Services

My training and experience allow me to administer an extensive range of treatment services to help improve movement and function, along with preventative approaches that are tailored to each individual patient. Please read on to find out more. 

Capital Musculoskeletal:
Joint and Soft Tissue 

Private Home Visits

Experienced assessment and treatment to ease pain, address movement restriction and strength deficit related to joint and soft tissue problems. Ultimately, working in partnership to achieve the goals which you have set from rehabilitation. 

Capital Mobility:
Gait, Transfers and Falls 

Private Home Visits

With a background working with older people managing mobility dysfunction/ falls, and special interest working with cognitive disorders, Capital Community Physio uses Chartered Physiotherapy services to positively impact on quality of life.

Capital Cognition and Dementia:
An adapted approach

Private Home Visits

Dementia actually covers over a hundred types of diseases/ symptoms and 90, 000 people in Scotland are currently living with Dementia. There are however, more common types with Alzheimer’s Disease accounting for the diagnosis in 62% of people with a Dementia, followed by Vascular Dementia accounting for 20%, and Mixed type (Alzheimer’s and Vascular) at 20% again.

Capital Ergonomics:
Workstation Assessments 

Private Home Visits

Rather than trying to accommodate yourself to poor workstation designs and layouts, your workstation should be adapted to you. Small changes to the environment you work in, can help prevent the incidence of musculoskeletal pain and allied symptoms.

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