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Community Physiotherapy Services
Capital Musculoskeletal:
Joint and Soft Tissue 

Private Home Visits

Experienced assessment and treatment to ease pain, address movement restriction and strength deficit related to joint and soft tissue problems. Ultimately, working in partnership to achieve the goals which you have set from rehabilitation. 

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Physiotherapy can also help address many joint, ligament and muscular conditions caused through injury, poor posture, trauma, and repetitive strain. ​Furthermore, orthopaedic problems, can also benefit from specialist rehabilitation. While there are many types of orthopaedic operations which patients seek rehabilitation for, common presentations include total knee replacement, hip replacement, rotator cuff repair and internal fixation for fractures following trauma.​

Capital Musculoskeletal can guide you on the most appropriate treatment approach for your condition and will discuss and agree the best course of action for you in advance. However, typical approaches include a combination of manual therapies (e.g. joint mobilisations, soft tissue massage), electrotherapies, acupuncture, dry needling, taping, advice and of course home exercises.

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