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Community Physiotherapy Services
Capital Mobility:
Gait, Transfer and Falls

Private Home Visits

With a background working with older people managing mobility dysfunction/ falls, and special interest working with cognitive disorders, Capital Community Physio uses Chartered Physiotherapy services to positively impact on quality of life.


Interventions as standard include home exercises with prompt sheets, however many sessions typically also include some form of mobility practice – whether in or outdoors, identification of contributors to falls and education around reducing the risk of a fall happening again. If appropriate, practicing how to get up off the ground under supervision in a safe manner can also be incorporated into treatment, additional to help sourcing any indicated walking aids.

Sometimes, Physiotherapy breaks down the steps needed to undertake safe transfers, allowing safe and effective movements such as sit to stand, and bed mobility allowing a person to function more independently at home, and guidance can be given to next of kin/carers with any transfer/ mobility assistance indicated.

Other techniques may also be employed in the event of muscle or joint restrictions affecting mobility, and typically involve joint mobilisations/ tissue massage or electrotherapy including TENS for pain relief or electronic muscle stimulation for strengthening. In more complex cases, and with consent the service also liaises any relevant external agencies.

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